China after November

Border barriers of the German Democratic Republic had divided village Moedlareuth from times of erection of the Wall in 1966 up to the days of the so-called Peaceful Revolution in 1989. Coronakis
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epa07977266 Former GDR border watchtower behind the barbed fence at former east German-west German borderline, part of German museum in Moedlareuth, Germany, 06 November 2019. style=”font-size:40px; line-height: 1.3em; font-weight: 800; padding:7px;”>China after November


Back to the …future (hopefully)





The only way China has a chance to win this war will be for the Democrats to win in November. Trump has not shown his cards as of yet. That it will end up being convenient for China to lose the war with the US does not mean it will give up easily and will make every effort to win. Indeed, Trump has brought the US’ relations with China to a point of no return. In this case, any further discussion of the matter is totally irrelevant. After a period of anarchy, this will make it necessary to substantially increase the democratic deficit in public life. However, there are still four months to go and with growing social unrest and riots in the country, as well as the uncontrollable virus outbreak, four months is a long time for safe predictions. If China wins, then it will become the leader of the world, and the world will become Communist, probably until its geological end. American society has been intelligently brain-washed by the Trump Administration into holding China responsible for the Wuhan Virus pandemic, and the more lives it costs in the United States, the more Americans will hold China responsible. For China, this war is a win-win situation because if Beijing loses, it will be completely isolated from the rest of the world and will have no external influences, which means no dangers, thus leaving the Communist regime with eternal power. Americans are convinced that China is responsible for the pandemic, which is true, but to communicate this sort of truth efficiently, and to engage the entire population of the United States, was a victorious tactical manoeuvre in the New Cold War against China. On the contrary. There is no doubt, of course, that it will continue at even stronger pace after the election, regardless of who the winner is, whether it is the remains of the Democratic party or of the Republicans. And regardless whether he will or not win a second term, the Sino-American war will not stop. For a president, it is his top priority and is certainly way above any interests he may care to serve. This will continue until the “alliance of the free” lands safely on a new Western Civilisation, with minimal damage. At this moment the Democrats are way ahead of the Republicans in the polls and it seems likely they will win the November election. If Trump is re-elected, the US is likely to easily win the war against China as he will form a large “alliance of the free” which will include the entire non-Communist world. This is a very important element to consider due to the fact that once somebody is elected President of the United States, they only have two priorities – re-election and history, the latter of which is a matter that is intrinsically related to human vanity. This may take some time, as in all matters of societal structural changes, but Europe is in the vanguard and changes in the old continent just started with the emergence in Germany of a politically unclassified party, Alternative für Deutschland, and still much remains to be done. In this case, the real winner of the US election will be Wall Street, which although owned by hard-core Republicans, is using the Democrats as a front. If China loses the New Cold War, the Communist Party will be the real winner and war damages for the winner will be irrelevant. For China’s Communists, isolation is the best-case scenario as they will maintain power and extend their totalitarian rule to all aspects of life by eliminating any potential threat to their grip on power, all of which will be done pretty easily as the Chinese people have never sensed freedom or democracy, and they are trained to work for a handful of rice under the shadow of the Great Helmsman. If he does not, he will certainly be accused for high treason, an accusation which regardless of what the impact is on his presidency, will carry on in the historical record. These include an escalation of the rhetoric with China, the proper manipulation of an arrest warrant issued for him and 35 others by Iran, which is likely to be revoked if re-elected in order to start talks with Teheran and other campaign techniques that include the possibility of not running for a second term now, but four years later. Their replacements will have with new schemes. Now all Americans are psychologically engaged against China and this is the bond that the next president will be forced to continue the war against China. China. The formal winner, the Western Alliance in this case, will be busy for decades repairing its damages, which will turn the Western way of life upside down. It would be far fetched to speculate that Trump has handled the pandemic in the way to have exactly this effect, but there is no doubt that he maximised it as an excellent detergent for brain-washing the people of Main Street. However, chances for China to win are of the order of a statistical error and, thus, it remains to be seen how the situation will settle in the case of a Democratic party victory. It is, however, everybody’s guess, but what seems likely is that one of the first changes that the new civilisation will bring in the United States will be the abolition of the two traditional political parties – the Democrats and Republicans. In the case the Democrats win in November, there are some possibilities, remote though they are, that China wins. Such a victory will result in the total isolation of China and will be the conclusion of the first phase of the Cold War of the West vs. However, it is too early for this kind of debate as other socio-political facets of the near future deserve attention at this moment. An ongoing Cold War will, indeed, magnify the beligerant parties for their own reasons and will act as a shock absorber for any socio-political changes. The war between the US and China that started shortly after the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and has since continue at relatively low intensity with several ups and downs, is likely to continue until the November presidential elections. As this is, for ordinary Americans, a matter of life or death, their anger and hatred for China will continue to grow in parallel with the pandemic effects.