This “Watchmen” series comes from “Lost” mastermind Damon Lindelof, who previously explained that it would be a “remixed” version inspired by the graphic novels, not a direct adaptation (and definitely nothing like Zack Snyder’s 2009 movie). Irons joins the previously announced cast of Regina King (“The Leftovers”), Don Johnson (“Miami Vice”), Louis Gossett Jr. (“An Officer and a Gentleman”), Tim Blake Nelson (“O Brother, Where Art Thou?”), Adelaide Clemens (“Rectify”), and Andrew Howard (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”). [via: Deadline] Deadline was first to report the news, though details about Irons’s role — and the plot of the series as a whole — are scant right now. No word yet on how many episodes are expected to be produced, though HBO has ordered a pilot and additional scripts. So far, all that the trade knows about the Oscar winner’s involvement is that he will be playing “an aging and imperious lord of a British Manor,” and it’s a leading part. While the original “Watchmen” comics, created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, will be considered canon, this version of events will feature new characters and a contemporary setting — and will definitely not be a sequel, according to Lindelof. The already star-studded cast of HBO’s upcoming “Watchmen” series just added another big name to the ensemble: Jeremy Irons has joined the show. Stay tuned for more information about the mysterious project as it becomes available.

Here’s the show’s official synopsis, per THR:

L.A.’s Finest follows Syd Burnett (Union), last seen in Miami taking down a drug cartel, who has left her complicated past behind to become an LAPD detective. The plan is for “L.A.’s Finest” to debut on Spectrum before eventually airing on other networks, though no future home for the series was announced. As THR notes, this deal is similar to what happened with the final two seasons of “Friday Night Lights,” which were picked up by DirecTV and eventually aired on NBC. The series, titled “L.A.’s Finest,” stars Union and Jessica Alba (who Union personally recruited for the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter), and was initially in development at NBC, but is now set to debut on Charter Communications’ Spectrum cable platform instead. Paired with a new partner, Nancy McKenna (Alba), a working mom with an equally complex past, Syd is pushed to examine whether her unapologetic lifestyle might be masking a greater personal secret. The show has been picked up for 13 episodes, and will debut sometime in 2019. [via: The Hollywood Reporter] This will be Charter’s first original scripted series. These two women don’t agree on much, but they find common ground when it comes to taking on the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles in this character-driven drama. After some behind the scenes shuffling, that rumored “Bad Boys” TV spinoff centered around Gabrielle Union’s “Bad Boys II” character is officially a go.

“Wonderland” follows “a man fresh out of prison who is sucked back into Boston’s underbelly while he uncovers the truth about a sensational murder.”

Wahlberg can next be seen in Berg’s “Mile 22,” costarring Lauren Cohan, which hits theaters August 17. Want more stuff like this? Parker’s best-selling Spenser detective novel series. Relationships come and go in Hollywood, but Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg are the real deal. Like us on Facebook. Spenser is also the character played by Robert Urich in the ’80s TV series “Spenser: For Hire.”

According to Deadline, “Wonderland” is the first film in what is hoped to be a series of feature films for Netflix, adapting various Spenser novels. The director and his muse have collaborated in “Lone Survivor,” “Deepwater Horizon,” “Patriots Day,” and the upcoming summer film “Mile 22.”

Now they are heading to Netflix with the film “Wonderland,” adapting author Robert B. Boxer turned Boston-based private eye Spenser is featured in more than 40 novels by Parker and — after Parker’s death — Ace Atkins.

But after a while I was like, ‘Well, this is actually not that bad. I was really surprised — I think, with everyone else, it was very surprising. I haven’t talked to him in months.”

That’s kind of sad, that they haven’t spoken in a while, but Lincoln is currently busy filming his final season, and Chandler is now living in Los Angeles. Like us on Facebook. Andrew Lincoln leaving “The Walking Dead” will be rough for fans, but Chandler Riggs thinks it will be good for the actor as a husband and father. Yeah. The reporter asked Chandler if he had talked to Lincoln about his upcoming exit. Want more stuff like this? ‘Cause I can move out to Los Angeles and do more acting, and do more of what I love to do. “Andy” became a second father to Chandler. I mean, Andy has been on the show for so long, and he’s had to leave his family every single year. But at the same time, it’s gonna be good for him to get back to his family and raise his kids. Chandler Riggs played Lincoln’s on-screen son, Carl Grimes, for about eight years — from age 10 to 18. Chandler: “I haven’t actually. Check out his interview:”The Walking Dead” Season 9 premieres this October on AMC. So I was surprised. Other roles, do music more.'”

Plus he got to cut his hair, as you can see below. Chandler was asked again for his reaction when told Carl Grimes would be killed off last season:

Chandler: “At the time I had just bought a house near where we film. and U.K. TWD Season 9 is now filming, and the news has already spread that Lincoln will be leaving the show as Rick Grimes. it’s gonna be good.”

“The Walking Dead” tapes in Georgia, but Andrew Lincoln is British, and he and his wife and two kids balance their two worlds in the U.S. I invested a lot, then I found out. Carl Grimes was written off the show last year, in a surprise move, so Chandler is in a good position to judge this new surprise departure. Good Day Sacramento was at Fandemic Comic Con and asked Chandler Riggs if he was shocked by the news that Andy Lincoln is leaving “The Walking Dead.”

Chandler Riggs: “Of course, yeah.

He’s complained about doing the part because he’s put himself through a lot physically, but he will do the next movie, and then I think Tom Hardy could be a good Bond. What do you think of him as the next 007? I’d be happy to see him do it. Tom Hardy has had a very eclectic career thus far, but he’s shown that he’s not averse to major franchises — from Bane in “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” to his upcoming turn in the Spider-Man spinoff “Venom.”

This isn’t the first time Hardy’s name has come up for 007. He’s very physical, he looks lethal. I think a woman could play Bond but it wouldn’t be James Bond. Want more stuff like this? Tom Hardy’s “Venom” opens October 5th. You need an actor who can put a bit of wiggle into it – that’s what makes Bond.”

By “wiggle” he probably meant a twist, or Hardy’s own unique unpredictable take. Like us on Facebook. But he is over it. Daniel Craig has been an incredible Bond. Tom Hardy. Pierce Brosnan told The Daily Mail’s Event Magazine that he himself was “never good enough” as James Bond, with the exception of “GoldenEye.” He talked about the tearful call he got from Barbara Broccoli after doing “Die Another Day,” when she told him he was done. Pierce Brosnan’s “Mamma Mia! But we’re choosing to believe he literally meant Tom Hardy’s wiggle because that mental image is delightful. Hardy. He said it took him years to get over it. Now he’s talking about his role in the upcoming “Mamma Mia!” sequel, and the future of James Bond. Daniel Craig’s “Bond 25” opens November 8, 2019. In 2015, he was asked if he’d consider the role; here’s what he told Sky News:

“I think anybody would consider doing Bond, wouldn’t they?”

Daniel Craig still has the job for “Bond 25,” but Pierce Brosnan’s endorsement certainly can’t hurt Tom Hardy when it comes to Bond 26. Here We Go Again” opens in theaters July 20th. The Daily Mail asked Brosnan whom he believes will inherit the role after Daniel Craig, and — in their words — “even whether such a misogynistic hero can exist in post-#MeToo Hollywood.”

Here’s Brosnan’s answer:

“Bond is Bond and you can’t change that. You genuinely believe this is someone who could kill a man.

Want more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook. For the past few years, Vin Diesel has been alternating between Groot and Dominic Toretto in back-to-back blockbuster franchises. “Bloodshot” follows a mortally wounded soldier who is resurrected with cutting-edge nanotechnology, then tasked with rounding up superpowered outcasts called “harbingers.”

Back in January, TheWrap reported that this project will be part of a five-film shared universe plan based on the Valiant comic books “Harbinger” and “Bloodshot.” TheWrap also said the plan is to follow “Deadpool” and “Logan” with an R-rated take on “Bloodshot” that “will be tonally and aesthetically influenced by high-concept, sci-fi blockbusters of the late ’80s including ‘Robocop,’ ‘Terminator,’ and ‘Total Recall.'”

There’s no word yet on the release date for “Bloodshot,” but with filming starting in July, photos and other intel should be coming relatively soon. But he’ll soon play a live-action superhero in his own comic book film, “Bloodshot,” which starts filming in July, aka in the next few weeks. According to TheWrap, the film just cast Toby Kebbell in the villain role of “Axe.” In Valiant comics, there is a power-hungry computer wizard named Ax, so this could be the guy. British actor Toby Kebbell is known from his roles in “War Horse,” “Fantastic Four,” “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” “Warcraft,” “A Monster Calls,” and the fantastic “Black Mirror” episode “The Entire History of You.”

The rest of the “Bloodshot” cast so far includes Michael Sheen, Eiza González, Sam Heughan, Talulah Riley, and Alex Hernandez.

’cause apparently no one told her? UPDATES: Despite cancellation reports from The Hollywood Reporter and SpoilerTV, a Freeform rep told Entertainment Weekly the show is not officially dead yet. — I. “No decision has been made at this time.”

I. Very hurtful freeform. Meanwhile, many Freeform fans are still busy trying to get someone to save “Shadowhunters,” which was canceled a few weeks ago. THR’s sources said Thorne “actively wanted off of ‘Famous in Love,’ with the actress and social media star having refused to participate in Freeform-organized live-tweets during its second season.”

But Thorne sounded upset to hear of the show’s cancellation via a SpoilerTV tweet posted Tuesday afternoon:

If this is how I find out our show is canceled..I’m going to be so upset. In a twist on the usual cancellation reception, THR’s sources said the show being axed was actually a “relief” for many members of production, due to the star’s alleged behavior and her clashes with the former “Pretty Little Liars” showrunner. We have, and have always had, a friendly and professional relationship. Bella Thorne just found out from social media … Whatever happened behind the scenes, it’s always better to contact the star first before the media. ❤️
— I. Marlene King also disputed THR’s report that she and Bella Thorne didn’t get along, and also seemed to deny that the cast was relieved for the show to be canceled:

Despite what may be out there I am not in a feud w @bellathorne. I woulda liked a phone call maybe. Marlene King (@imarleneking) June 27, 2018

FACT: The ENTIRE @FamousInLoveTV cast and crew are crossing our fingers and toes as we light candles for a S3 pickup.
— BITCHIMBELLATHORNE (@bellathorne) June 26, 2018

Whoops. “Famous in Love” aired 20 episodes across two seasons, with the May 30 Season 2 finale now serving as the series finale. According to THR, Freeform initially wanted to do a third season of the show, which was said to be expensive, but wanted streaming partner Hulu to give a larger contribution. Like us on Facebook. #Raige On! Hulu passed, since Season 2 only averaged 254,000 total viewers which was down from Season 1. Marlene King (@imarleneking) June 27, 2018

Original post:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Famous in Love” was canceled after two seasons on Freeform. Want more stuff like this? Marlene King clashed multiple times. Maybe it’s because her name and alleged “diva-like behavior” are tied to the show ending — with THR claiming she and showrunner I.

As briefly mentioned in “Infinity War,” Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) took a plea deal for his participation in the events of “Captain America: Civil War,” and is serving out his sentence on house arrest in San Francisco. Ultimately, whether it means Lang’s foray into his daughter’s school for a family heirloom, the collapsing secrets of Hank Pym’s portable lab, or just the comparable scale of this story to the rest told in the MCU, “Ant-Man and the Wasp” works best when it’s at a little bit smaller than life size — consistently buoyant and thrilling, but also surprisingly intimate, which makes it just as important as any of its predecessors. Lilly, a commanding actor since her debut on the TV series “Lost,” finally gets the chance to be as tough and in charge as she’s always deserved, and effectively sidelines the guy audiences came to see the first time. Although he likes bragging about his escapades with the Avengers in Germany, his central concern is not screwing up his relationship with Cassie, and helping launch a security company with Luis (Michael Pena) and the rest of his crew of ex-convicts. That said, a preponderance of exposition greets viewers at the beginning of the movie to make sure that you know exactly who Janet Van Dyne was, what happened to her, why and how Hank and Hope are trying to find her, and who plans to stop them from accomplishing that goal and for what reason. Conversely, Hannah John-Kamen oozes wounded anger as Ghost, but a surplus of backstory does as much as the actress’ own talents to keep her from simply being the film’s erstwhile villain. Instead, we get to simply revel in watching them face an escalating series of obstacles in their path. The result is a decidedly underwhelming first few scenes, but what quickly emerges is the delightful discovery that the movie doesn’t need “more” happening for it to entertain audiences; with the stakes clearly defined and the characters established, we never have to worry about what it all means for the future of a larger film series, or really even just this franchise. But when a mysterious figure called Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) shows up to steal a much-needed part, disrupting Hank and Hope’s work, Scott agrees to help track her down, locate the materials needed to complete their device, and hopefully bring together not one but two families — all before S.H.I.E.L.D. “Ant-Man and the Wasp” leans refreshingly heavily on his “regular” life — or at least a reasonable facsimile of the life this guy might lead — if he actually faced some of the consequences of his actions, including the ones he was paying for at the beginning of the first film. Although his abs are as capable of scrubbing out tough stains as the next hero’s, Scott Lang is the outlier of the MCU — in virtually all other respects, an ordinary guy whose costumed exploits are secondary to his priorities as a father and aspiring business owner. Desperate to complete his sentence and re-establish a presence in his daughter Cassie’s life, Scott is reluctant to help them further, especially since they’re still on the run from the authorities. Director Peyton Reed, granted seeming free reign after inheriting the first “Ant-Man,” makes the most of his two heroes’ superpowers with visuals that utilize their rapid shifts in size and play well into the franchise’s self-aware sense of humor. Meanwhile, Pena’s improvisational excesses once again give the movie some of its funniest moments; among Lang’s crew, he comes away with the most to do in the film. Scruffy, understated and fun, the sequel sidesteps just about all of the gravitas left hanging after the events of April’s highly-anticipated superhero crossover, instead focusing on few more than the characters from the first film, some remarkably inventive action, and a story aimed, directly and satisfyingly, at resolving emotional baggage rather than driving forward the machinery of a cinematic universe. It’s a much more interesting, identifiable foundation than the calling that some have, or the inescapability that many others do, and Rudd maximizes his natural “better to be clever than smart” charm in the role. If “Infinity War” felt like too much, “Ant-Man and the Wasp” feels like the right amount of “too little,” content to explore its tiny corner of this larger universe in suitably meticulous detail. But a strange vision of Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) prompts him to contact Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), who coincidentally are working on a device to try and locate her in the Quantum Realm, where she got lost decades ago. Agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) discovers what they’re up to. Some viewers may find themselves disappointed by the lack of showstopping moments that they haven’t already seen in trailers and promotional materials, but in terms of sheer character-oriented action, the film delivers some of the best that the MCU has seen. Additionally, her character’s relationship with her father, Hank, gets sketched in with more nuance this time, enabling both her and Douglas to provide some real pathos, and at the same time be more playful. It’s not meant to be a pun to call “Ant-Man and the Wasp” the smallest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to date, but especially after the smorgasbord of brutality that unfolded in “Avengers: Infinity War,” Peyton Reed’s follow-up to “Ant-Man” feels like sorely-needed counterprogramming.

Because crossovers aren’t just for superheroes anymore! The sketch ended with Colbert and Fallon deciding to go out to eat at Red Hen, a reference to the Virginia restaurant that recently asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave. O’Brien: “If we’re not careful, this thing could start to get ugly.”

Heh. Want more stuff like this? Of course, the topic was President Donald Trump and the recent insults he’s given both Fallon and Colbert. “The real estate guy who sells steaks?!” He suggested they give Trump time and be civil. Three late-night hosts — Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan O’Brien — put aside ratings rivalries for a joint sketch that broadcast on both “The Late Show” and “The Tonight Show.” (Conan’s show is on hiatus this week; no idea where Jimmy Kimmel was in all of this.)

It appears to have been the first time one sketch served as the cold open to two late night shows. Fallon: “I heard he said we’re all no-talent, lowlife lost souls.”

Colbert: “Well that doesn’t sound right. That’s Conan…”

So they called up Conan, who was busy shaving — and had no idea Trump was president. Like us on Facebook. Look, Conan O’Brien is back on “The Tonight Show”! After this, the hosts should team up more often — maybe they can even become the new Avengers in Phase 4. Jimmy Kimmel has definitely taken his fair share of shots to and from POTUS, so he should explain why he didn’t join in for this bit. The sketch had the hosts video conference each other.

Want more stuff like this? Instead, director Felix Van Groeningen got Chalamet hot off his “Call Me By Your Name” nomination, with Amazon Studios hoping they have another “Manchester by the Sea” on their hands. Keep a spot open on your 2019 Oscar ballot for “Beautiful Boy.”

The trailer for the drug addiction drama just came out, with past Academy Award nominees Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet looking ready to don tuxes again early next year. Getting an “Ordinary People” feel from this, in the very best way. Here’s the trailer:Here’s the fantastic poster:

Absolutely love that. “Beautiful Boy” is based on father and son David Sheff and Nic Sheff’s memoirs on the family’s struggle with Nic’s meth addiction. Keep an eye out for this one on or after October 12. Like us on Facebook. Starring Steve Carell, Timothée Chalamet, Maura Tierney and Amy Ryan. As Collider noted, Cameron Crowe previously intended to write and direct this adaptation, with Mark Wahlberg (!) as the potential star. In “select theaters” October 12 means it’ll most likely roll out wide a bit later — keeping it in front of Academy eyeballs during Oscar season. In select theaters October 12.”

This looks like it’s focused on the father-son story, but never count out Amy Ryan or Maura Tierney when it comes to powerful performances too. Here’s the synopsis:

“Based on the best-selling pair of memoirs from father and son David and Nic Sheff, ‘Beautiful Boy’ chronicles the heartbreaking and inspiring experience of survival, relapse, and recovery in a family coping with addiction over many years.

Tim Roth, Zoe Bell, Michael Madsen, Timothy Olyphant, James Marsden and more stars will also be in the film, playing unknown roles. Like us on Facebook. Luke Perry will play “Lancer” actor Wayne Maunder. Here’s the full shot:

First look. The rest of the cast is insane:

Al Pacino plays Marvin Schwarz, agent of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. Want more stuff like this? Dakota Fanning has been cast as Squeaky Fromme, the Manson follower who went on to try to assassinate Gerald Ford. Yes to all of it. Scott McNairy plays Business Bob Gilbert. Burt Reynolds is nearly blind rancher George Spahn. Quentin Tarantino called DiCaprio and Pitt “the most exciting dynamic star duo since Paul Newman and Robert Redford.” He also described this movie as “probably the closest to ‘Pulp Fiction’ that I have done.”

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” will be released in theaters on August 9th, 2019, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Manson Family murders. Leonardo DiCaprio took a break from promoting environmental causes on Instagram to post the first photo from Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

The highly anticipated film is set in Los Angeles in 1969, following former star of a Western TV series Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio); his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt); and Rick’s very famous next-door neighbor, Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie). Emile Hirsch is hairstylist Jay Sebring, one of the four victims on the night of the Tate murders. Keith Jefferson plays Land Pirate Keith. #OnceUponATimeInHollywood

A post shared by Leonardo DiCaprio (@leonardodicaprio) on Jun 27, 2018 at 6:00am PDT

Yes. Damian Lewis will play the one-and-only Steve McQueen. Clifton Collins Jr., is Ernesto the Mexican Vaquero. Nicholas Hammond will play actor/director Sam Wanamaker. What a perfect catalog photo. Brad + Leo + QT = Give us this retro fabulous movie NOW.

Screen Crush compared that to the official trailer views for Andrew Garfield’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (37 million), Tom Holland’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” (28 million), and the upcoming computer-animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (25 million). They also listed a few other YouTube trailers that did not do as well as “Venom,” including several Marvel, DC, Lucasfilm, and Disney blockbusters:

“Iron Man 3”: 62 million views
“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”: 55 million
“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”: 50 million
“It”: 49 million
“Ghostbusters”: 44 million
“Justice League”: 42 million
“The Twilight Saga: New Moon”: 41 million
“Deadpool 2”: 41 million
“Black Panther”: 40 million
“The Dark Knight Rises”: 36 million
“Frozen”: 34 million
“Wonder Woman”: 29 million
“Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2”: 20 million

Check out their full list of trailer views. They also listed several other films with less-viewed trailers, and the major blockbusters with more views. How big is Tom Hardy’s “Venom” going to be? And it was good attention, with some cynical fans admitting they were pretty impressed by the visuals. Of course, “Venom” is nowhere near the 200+ million mark for the official “Avengers: Infinity War” trailer. But it’s still pretty impressive, and a good sign for Sony’s Marvel Universe. “Venom” — starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, and Jenny Slate — opens in theaters October 5. Want more stuff like this? The first “Venom” teaser didn’t show Venom at all, which is probably why the actual debut of the character in the official trailer got so much attention. Like us on Facebook. That official Sony trailer on YouTube currently has 64,189,157 views (with 1.3 million upvotes vs. This is the first film in that new universe — which is completely separate from Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s just counting the first official trailers, not teasers or future trailers, or combining views from all of the promos. Screen Crush got fans talking with its recent story pointing out that the Sony Spider-Man spinoff has actually had more views than any previous “Spider-Man” movie trailer. 48K downvotes).

The cast also includes Bill Duke, Richard Brake, Ned Dennehy, Olwen Fouere, Sam Louwyck, and Hayley Saywell. Nicolas Cage has a chainsaw fight with a “crazy evil” cult leader in the new horror film “Mandy.”

Do you really need to know anything else? Now the official trailer is out, before it hits theaters in September. “Mandy” opens in theaters September 14. When their pine-scented haven is savagely destroyed by a cult led by the sadistic Jeremiah Sand (Linus Roache), Red is catapulted into a phantasmagoric journey filled with bloody vengeance and laced with fire.”

Check out the trailer:”Mandy” was directed and co-written by Panos Cosmatos. Or maybe you can’t. Here’s the synopsis:

“Pacific Northwest. The trailer is just 2 minutes of pure trippy nightmare. 1983 AD. So you can imagine the movie. Outsiders Red Miller (Nicolas Cage) and Mandy Bloom (Andrea Riseborough) lead a loving and peaceful existence. And some animated shots. Like us on Facebook. Want more stuff like this? There’s also a tiger. “Mandy” is already apparently a cult hit after premiering at Sundance earlier this year.

Like us on Facebook. There was a hurdle, that Disney just cleared, to get approval from the Department of Justice. We are pleased that the DOJ concluded that, with the exception of the proposed acquisition of the Fox Sports Regional Networks, the transaction will not harm competition, and that we were able to resolve the limited potential concerns to position us to move forward with this exciting opportunity that will enable us to create even more compelling consumer experiences.”

Disney’s $71.3 billion cash/stock offer topped Comcast’s all-cash $65 billion offer, but Comcast is expected to make another offer. In its complaint, the DOJ had argued (via Variety):

“Disney’s proposed acquisition of Fox’s assets would combine two of the country’s most valuable cable sports properties—Disney’s ESPN franchise of networks and Fox’s portfolio of Regional Sports Networks —and thereby likely substantially lessen competition in the multiple Designated Market Areas throughout the United States in which these two firms compete.”

Disney shared a new statement Wednesday, after getting the Justice Department’s approval:

“The parties have worked diligently since announcing the acquisition last December to provide the DOJ the information that it needed for its investigation of the transaction. So this isn’t over yet, but Disney currently has the edge. The DOJ had filed a complaint to block Disney from nabbing 22 regional sports networks. So now Disney can go ahead and take its new $71.3 billion offer to Fox shareholders and board members. Disney agreed to sell off the networks to get the DOJ approval. Want more stuff like this? Comcast can’t be happy. But Disney is now back in the frontrunner seat to acquire 21st Century Fox.

The need for speed is getting passed down to the next generation. In the original 1986 movie, Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (Anthony Edwards) was the best friend and wingman of Tom Cruise’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. In the sequel, director Joseph Kosinski is considering frontrunners Nicholas Hoult, Glen Powell and Miles Teller to play the older version of his son. “Top Gun: Maverick” is looking to cast an actor to play Goose’s son, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Goose had a young son with his wife (Meg Ryan). Hoult has starred in the “X-Men” movies as Beast, while Teller broke out in Damien Chazelle’s “Whiplash.” Powell played John Glenn in “Hidden Figures” and is currently in Netflix’s romantic comedy “Set It Up.”

Sources told THR that final rounds of screen tests are taking place this week before Cruise embarks on a press tour for “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.”

“Top Gun 2” is slated for release July 12, 2019. He ended up dying in an accident for which Maverick blamed himself.