The spread of coronavirus has stopped in Kazakhstan




“But this is not a reason for worry. The situation has stabilised and is under the full control of the authorities and epidemiological services of the country. This allows us to make correct forecasts for the future, calculate human and material resources in order to be ready for a possible new wave,” Kozhakhmetov said. He also noted that 20,913 people continue to receive treatment for coronavirus in the country, another 4,713 are being treated on an outpatient basis. “Now 72 percent of the total number of patients with coronavirus in the republic have recovered. The country has created 3,640 mobile teams that consult patients. Over the past day, 741 people fell ill with the coronavirus, 23 people died. Since the beginning of the month, 13,208 people have been recorded with a diagnosis of “coronavirus infection with a negative PCR test”, 164 people have died. In addition, the number of ambulance calls has decreased by 62%. “We can say with full confidence that the country has passed the critical period,” he added. 70 patients are on mechanical ventilation,” Kodzhakhmetov said. NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – The spread of coronavirus has stopped in Kazakhstan, Kazakh Health Ministry spokesman Bagdat Kozhakhmetov told a briefing on August 10. Thanks to the introduction of a new accounting methodology, we have verified data as close as possible to the real picture. “If we talk about the condition of patients, currently 246 are in serious condition, 69 are in an extremely severe degree. If in late June – early July up to 30,000 calls were received per day, now this number does not exceed 11,000. Meanwhile, after combining the statistics of patients with coronavirus infection with a positive and negative PCR test, Kazakhstan climbed to 26th place in the world ranking, Kozhakhmetov added. To date, the spread of coronavirus has stopped,” Kozhakhmetov stressed. According to him, 99,442 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Kazakhstan.
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By Kulpash Konyrova

A man wearing a mask sits on a bench in a park in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, August 10, 2020.